Monday, February 26, 2007

high time..

its high time for me to start preparing for my exams which are going to start on march 8th..therz not much time left now and all other activities like meeting up with friends,chatting with them,tv,orkuting,blogging..evrything will not be cut but the time spent for theses will be surely reduced..i used to wake up very late all these days but from today i have started to wake up at around 4:00AM..:(:( books are only my friends for another 15 days..!!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


smruthi is a all night musical tribute to Pt.viswanath nakod(my tabla guru's father) was in ravindra kalakshetra was one gud programme..went there at 8:30pm..came back today morning at 7:30..i was alone all night as my father left at 11:30 itself..i totally enjoyed are some pics of it..

just for u to get an idea about the auditorium..

Smt.poornima bhat - vocals accompanied by Pt.vishwanath nakod - tabla

Pt.ronu majumdar(mumbai) - flute accompanied by Pt.rajendra nakod - tabla..

Pt.ravindra yavagal with his son accompanied by Sri umakanth puranik with harmonium

Vid.sriram parashuram and Smt.anuradha sriram(chennai) - hindustani karnataki - jugalbandi accompanied by Pt.vishwanath nakod(tabla),Vid.bangalore v.pravin(mridanga)...

Pt.shubhendra rao and Smt.saskiya rao(delhi) - sitar and cello respectively accompanied by Pt.rajendra nakod(tabla)..

Pt.ajay pohankar(mumbai) - vocal accompanied by Pt.vishwanath nakod(tabla)..

Friday, February 09, 2007

anisuthide yaako indu

firstly let me tell u that this is one movie and this is one track that i will never forget in my love everything about this song...awesome lyrics..wonderful locations..classic photography..superb music..and the feel that sonu nigam has given for this track is amzing..hope u too like this after watching...!!

Monday, January 29, 2007

trip to awesome..

its just amazing to be outside this concrete jungle and go to places wer we can just njoy and appreciate the nature....and one such place in karnataka is mysore..!!

we left here at 6:00am and wer bak at 11:00pm..covered most of the places without any probs..we all njoyed a lott...!!
the pics below will explain u everything..!!

the vehicle in which we travelled
at shivanasamudra
at talakadu..

somnathpur temple..
view inside the vehicle..
the dhaba wer we had super food..
had tea while coming bak..
bak home...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

after a long time..

hey it was qiute a while since we all friends met together in our usual ramandir ground..this is one place were we all meet together either to play cricket or to chat for a while during night..and today was a day where we did both the things as everbody's exams got over..and we all had a great time after a long time.. :)

after scoring a century...

and today was also susa's(sunil's) who is standing at the cenntre
wearing a black and white stripes shirt...this pic is near a restaurant..

Saturday, January 06, 2007

PULSE....feel the beats..

wondering what's about the title...its the name of the MCC(mount carmel college)fest which was on 4th,5th and 6th and me with some of my friends were present there for all the three days bunking about 12 classes..we all had a lot of fun like mad acts,indian cultural dance,western dance,fashion show,rock show and many more performed by various students from different colleges like St. joseph's,christ,st.alosious ..etc was just important thing that made all of us to be present there was the super cool,sexy,hot gals....haha...!!

the best part was that i was able to meet most of my schoolmates which reminded me of many sweet memories...and also i got a chance to make new totally if i have to sum up all these things in a single sentence then,here it is......."CARMELITES YOU ROCK..."

Monday, January 01, 2007

Saddam Hussain's real complete execution...

check out this complete execution of saddam hussain captured in a cell phone... its really terrible video..don't miss it..!!